Moonlight Apparition
RETURN DATE and some Changes?
May 29th, 2019, 1:24 am

Pages will begin to roll out June 7th!

Part of the hiatus was due to my work life changing. I've suddenly gotten more roles there, and we have been training people up into new positions to help take some of the stress off my manager and myself.

SO the changes I mentioned, and I know I flip flop about this a lot, I'm thinking that after this chapter I might go back to black and white pages.

I KNOW people will miss the colors- but in a sense of getting out updates, and stuff, I can produce pages FASTER if I don't color. This can mean double updates would be possible- (I would prefer to hit the patreon target for that before doing it, though )

This came about when I finished scripting the first arc roughly and realized that in order to get to the end at my current pace, it would be like 7 ish years... I... I want to get there sooner- SO, I'm considering going back to my toned pages, with color for effect or something. I might splash color in here and there, and I'll start the chapter with color like I was before. :)

Thank you for understanding! It's been a tough decision to make, but it's going to be a LOT easier for me to handle! Thanks for the support! I look forward to my return! :D

Also EDIT- Sorry for all the like... grammatical and spelling errors. I wrote this at uh.. midnight and ... I fixed them all I hope- yeah. ahahaha


Going back to to tones and... toning down the color is smart and of course never push yourself too far!!! And who says toned pages can't get across the same feel as color anyway, black and white can be powerful ?

Health is always important doing comics, especially if you're reaching a limit! Though I say don't let the time it takes a comic to be made drag you down, life is crazy and things happen out of your control! x)
I'm glad to see this will be coming back! Whatever you feel is best, black and white or color is fine with me. Either way I'll get to read an awesome story.
@Pantherbrine: Oh, yeah I wasn't going away forever, I would like, let you all know if that were the case-

BUT! Yeah- my life had just gotten VERY BUSY and very stressful very rapidly, and I wanted to get my health on track, and my life on track again ><
@Nintala: Thank you! I appreciate that a lot :') I actually have missed my toned pages! I really enjoyed the look I got with a lot of them, and while I love the color too, I'm ready to give toning another go too! More seriously with CSP than before :)