Moonlight Apparition
shoo fly, don't bother me

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

Pg 42

Date Posted: October 25th, 2019, 10:00 am

Author Notes

Jason taking out the trash... er... or well... He's rolling it away for now.

Poor Cathy. :c

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@SpazztastiKim: you do!


Okay... Yikes!
The toes have been amputated, Robbie!
@StanleyComics: i don't know if redemption is in the cards after that one. >_O
@Darkhalo4321: Dude really needs a 'social skills' class... I know he didn't mean bad by this, but... yikes xD
@StanleyComics: maybe he just needs more sleep ÓvÒ;
@Darkhalo4321: Or like... Jason to slap him >.>
@StanleyComics: that works too.
@Darkhalo4321: Your comic is awesome, by the way xD
@StanleyComics: thank you! ;v;/
I used to think Robbie was funny, but now that's gone, like an angel's kiss, dust in the wind, seafoam, however you like to see it.
@abyssdoor: the mask has been removed. The Jekyll and hyde effect if you will.
The tact of a rampaging bull in a porcelain shop.
@SpazztastiKim: accurate. Very accurate.
@Darkhalo4321: I know my adopted son very well.
Definitely worse than a bull in a china shop, unless the bull is "Oh, that one wasn't important to you was it? And you weren't fond of that one, right? And those should be easily replaceable." I also doubt Robbie will be able to 'make it up to her later'. There's nothing like taking something personal and special and using it to exhibit you like a trained monkey.

Cathy: "Robbie, I want you to take Melodie AND me to Homecoming."
@Slim Kittens: its all so very... bad. Robbie is being very bad.