Moonlight Apparition
Robbie, sweetie, honey bunches of oats, darling, sugar- ... You are NOT a match maker... you're a disaster.

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7 - 15

Date Posted: February 15th, 2019, 10:30 am

Author Notes

Wahaha! This page had a lot of fun faces on it! Honestly, Toby and Robbie interactions give me life.

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Terrance... Why do I feel you said that in a robotic monotone voice? It's creepy. Please stop X'D
@Guest: maybe terrance IS a robot :0
@Darkhalo4321: The side plot thickens
I mean, he's not WRONG about the woods.... xD
@JoMichelle: right? But we went on a walk in the woods and survived!... we were on a road, but still XD
@Darkhalo4321: Yeah, but I don't think there are shades at the bottom of wells in the woods we were in..... or were there >_>
... or hunters.....
@Darkhalo4321: Or Apparitions...