Moonlight Apparition
Remember kids, don't actually walk up to stay animals and begin petting them. Some animals will not be friendly... at all... Jason's a bad example.

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

6 - 23

Date Posted: August 10th, 2018, 9:00 am

Author Notes

Fun fact : El drops the phone on his face shortly after sending the return "picchat"

Jason's muttering " With her, this summer..."
El's saying " why are you taking selfies with a wild animal? Nerd"


SO, My webcomic universe, and my friend Kim's webcomic universe, are close enough for cross over shenanigans, and so in some fun turn of events, they are now intertwined with the idea of long distance friendship, all because Becky and Melodie are cousins, and if you go read Lodestar, you'll understand that Becky is 100% capable of bringing together people around the world via social media outlets.

So, go check out Lodestar! It's a great comic! Kim has been a friend for 5 years, but literally a lurker of mine for 9 years, and honestly, all my deviantart friends that have been with me from the DP anime youtube video and prior are some of my best and closest friends.

I'm also going to give a shout out to Threadbound, because I've know the artist for that for over 10 years as well! We've been dA acquaintances for that long!

So- Please, check them both out! To understand you'll just have to read Lodestar :)


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Is he not suspicious of the owl's unusual behavior?
@dmr11: ahaha, decisions made ar 3 am aren't aways the wisest. Besides, 15 yr olds think they're invincible or something.
@Darkhalo4321: You got that right
Youngest Spider Triplet (age: 15)