Moonlight Apparition

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

6 - 17

Date Posted: June 30th, 2018, 2:00 pm

Author Notes

Sorry I'm a day late on updating! I'm more like two days late. I've been busy.

But as a warning, the next few pages are nightmares, and some slight gore and a bit of blood appear. Heads up in the coming updates for that.

ALSO, this is where the changes I'm planning for the beginning really start to show up. Mostly in Jason's apparition form. It's completely different now. I'm like 99% sure I have the new outfits as reward tiers for patreon supporters if you want to go check that out. Also, all patreon supports get access to the new pages ahead of schedule like 75% of the time, it's when I remember to do them which this month I've scheduled stuff already so it's set in stone.

Consider supporting me making comics! Every dollar helps me out and enables me to do more art freely and honestly, it's amazing to make money on doing something I love anyways. I look forward to your comments and your support and I'm thankful for all that you guys do! Thanks again!

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I wish magic was real
@Guest: same here!