Moonlight Apparition

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

6 - 11

Date Posted: May 3rd, 2018, 8:08 pm

Author Notes

I worked rather hard this week to get this out for you guys. It wasn't a real good start to my week, but it looks to be shaping up nicely now. :)

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Hello Hi! I just found you through the "Top Web Comics" voting tool. I read through the entire comic so far and it is beautiful and the story completely engaging. I want to know what happens next! How often do you update the comic?
Thanks and keep up the good work!
@Narnia4Aslan: i update about once a week, or at least i'm trying to. :) i have neglected top webcomics so this is a surprising bit of news.
Sorry to hear about your week but hopefully next week is better! Sometimes it helps to rant to close friends (while sometimes it's easier with a complete stranger). If you ever need to talk, us readers are here for you
@Riaya: thank you. It has been better so far.:) i appreciate the kind offer as well!