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"Hoppy" Easter!

Date Posted: April 1st, 2018, 8:14 pm

Author Notes

Happy Easter! Hope you guys all had a great day!

Personally, I'm a Christian, so I was celebrating it for Christ, but I live in a house where we did the Easter Bunny as well. We also went trick or treating and all that jazz, too. My parents weren't worried about us turning into heathens, I guess? Some parents can be too over bearing and as a child I could NEVER understand their fear. Kids don't worry about that stuff. Honestly, we got excited over CANDY, not over what the holiday actually meant.

That being said, Jason is a Christian, it's not that obvious yet I guess, and his dad is Catholic. Melodie and her mom and Grandpa all go to a Baptist Church? But not southern style baptist. Whatever Oregon Baptists you'd expect. I've been to so many different denominations and it's interesting to see the different preaching styles each church has.

Any ways- Hope you enjoy this picture! :D Happy April fool's day too. I'll probably get a comic page up... eventually. I've been lazy lately. The nice weather has had me taking longer walks and more active. I apologize.