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6 - 3

Date Posted: September 6th, 2017, 2:09 pm

Author Notes

Today's page is in color because... I'm going to be taking a hiatus. Yes, that's right. I'm taking a break. Why, you ask? WELL-

Don't be angry...

I'm completely rewriting chapters 1, 2, and the very beginning of 3.

"But Janaka, you've restarted like five times already, why this again?!"

To answer that question, I've been learning all these years how to make a better comic and story. Now that I can actually write scripts that work for me as an outline I discovered that my first few chapters lacked any pull that would entice new readers into the story. Not to mention that since I started this version, the entire story is finally taking a shape that I like and the first few chapters do NOT reflect the direction I have now for the story. I did try editing the text to help, but alas, there's a lot more that I need to change and cut to make it flow and be better overall. I was going to try doing both Ch 6 updates and redrawing the chapters, but in order to make ch. 6 make sense, which I'm still going to work on during the hiatus, I need to majorly fix the chapters beforehand.
I've been struggling with this decision for a while, especially after I watched a video that talked about why the first episode in anime is important. One idea from it talked about how it sets the tone for the entire show and what care will be given to the story and characters and I feel I got some character stuff down okay, but my story was lacking, and my pacing was suffering too. I have already rewritten the scripts which will be available for Patreon supporters because this hiatus affects their rewards. I will ALSO be loading ch. 6 pages as they get done onto patreon as rewards, since those that support me are paying me and I would like to maintain that relationship while I'm redrawing the chapters. So, if you absolutely MUST have updates go support me on Patreon!

In other news, I'll post un-chaptered updates for you guys with progress shots on here and if you follow the facebook page for Moonlight Apparition I'll be posting there too! I do want to keep everyone in the loop because I'm excited about this. It's been like a weight on my conscience, and I don't want to disappoint you guys, I want to deliver the best product I can and tell the best story I can. So thank you for your patience and enjoy today's page! :D

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I'm excited to see the reworked chapters! Take as long as you need.
@AnonymousMe: I appreciate that! :)
Take your time with that.
@Zorrieku: Thanks! I'll still post some sneak peak sketch pages and stuff :)
Can't wait to see the new chapters you work on! I hope you have a good hiatus and don't push yourself too hard. Please take care of your health and we'll be waiting for you once you return
@Riaya: I won't I wanted to try getting it all done by January if possible, but we'll see. I always forget action scenes take me forever to draw out. So much planning.
I really respect the care and attention you put into your storytelling and art. Take as long as you need. Good luck, and have fun!
@ImmortalDreams: Thank you! This really lifted my spirits :)
I'll wait as long as it takes to be able to read this awesome comic again :3
Take your time and take care <3