Moonlight Apparition

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6 - 2

Date Posted: August 30th, 2017, 12:30 pm

Author Notes

Sorry for not uploading this last week. I ended up binge reading a book about emotional intelligence and cried like a baby over my own emotional maturity.

In other news, my trip to see the eclipse in totality went great! It was very awesome and I can see why people chase after it, it is a unique experience and my entire state on the west side is literally on fire. There's fires happening ALL around us. Yesterday I could literally see pieces of ash raining down. Pretty scary stuff.

Enjoy this weeks update! :D

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Which state do you live in for it to be combusting into flames so ramdomly?!?!
@Riaya: Southwest Oregon. :)
Scary~ luckily my state doesn't have too many occurrences like that