Moonlight Apparition

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5 - 24 End

Date Posted: July 27th, 2017, 7:16 pm

Author Notes

Enjoy the end of chapter 5 in COLOR! :) Patreon supporters have been getting the next page in advanced, AND in color as well!

I'm really thankful for all the support on this comic and finishing chapter 5 is a big deal for me because all other comic attempts never made it past this many pages or chapters! So, thank you to those that have been with me for all three or four attempts at Moonlight Apparition. I look forward to moving onward with this story and I'm excited for it too!

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whoaaa, i'm finally all caught up! smackjeeves is really weird on mobile so i had to wait until i was back on a computer, and i always forgot hehe ;u;
man, that was a heck of a curveball! :O i wonder if he already has a contract and just doesn't remember it?
"Hello yes I would prefer to NOT explode."
@Respheal: yes, surviving new powers sounds like a good idea.
Yes no shiny electrode or graveler jason whichever you prefer i just know these two are first shiny rage