Moonlight Apparition

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5 - 11

Date Posted: March 15th, 2017, 2:38 pm

Author Notes

Alright! An update finally. I've decided that after this page I'm going to switch back to black and white. I've been struggling to get the colored pages done and I've had pages inked for a while, but finding time to color them has been a challenge and between work and other events I just don't have enough incentive to do the colored pages right now. If you guys really REALLY want colored pages then I highly suggest supporting me on Patreon.

I draw this comic for me first, others second. The reason I started to do color was to draw in more people, (haha a pun!) but also to get me back into coloring things again which has worked, but now that I'm confident in coloring I don't do many illustrations and I beat myself up for NOT working on the comic when I do spend time on other things and that isn't healthy for me. I like doing the colored pages, don't get me wrong, however, it's not as rewarding as I wanted it to be. Now, I'll still do a few colored pages like before and one day I will color these pages because if I ever release it for print I want it to be colored. Any who, enjoy the update and look forward to another one very soon :)

If you REALLY want the colored pages to stay then consider supporting me on Patreon! It just doesn't make sense for me to overwork myself for free when I'm not enjoying what I do. The colored pages will be added as a milestone goal! So please, even without colored pages, consider supporting me!

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