Moonlight Apparition
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4 - 19

Date Posted: August 23rd, 2016, 11:47 am

Author Notes

For context, my sisters have actually had conversations with me while I was sleepy and I've woken up without remembering it at all. There were a few times though that I was actually awake enough to remember it the next day.

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Ker being nice?!!
This is cute and adorable.
And that eye, is it something related to his Hunter skills/powers?
I sleep talk too xD
And apparently even open my eyes and stare like I'm really awake lol
@M-24: Me too! I once opened my eyes and glared at my sister and told her to go to bed and never remembered it. haha
This is adorable! "I'll see you at breakfast." Oh boy! What are his nightmares revealing that doesn't add up?
@shreego: Who knows, I guess we'll find out eventually wahaha