Moonlight Apparition

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4 - 7

Date Posted: April 2nd, 2016, 11:42 pm

Author Notes

Earlier story versions of Jason's dad were much different than he is now. He was less protective or involved and had a much more strained relationship with Jason, and I just couldn't see that working out in the long run. Sure they have some differing opinions, but I doubt Jason could be who he was with a dad that didn't care. Anywho, Enjoy the update! Sorry it's late, First of the month always has me busy at work. :)

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The sass is strong in this family
Good dad! Cherish good dad!!!
"traitorous" lol
who said he was on your side in the first place?
@M-24: I'm leaning more toward "he hardly knows enough for traitorous to even be an option."
I'm kinda wondering if the Hunters are going to turn out to be one of those groups/ organizations that have corrupt higher-ups, and are still running because those in the lower ranks are so sure that what they're doing is all for the 'greater good' despite whatever questionable things they're ordered to do. Really, I just come to that conclusion from the fact that no one seems to know why they're supposed to kill a child.