Moonlight Apparition
Sorry it's late. Idaho was a fun state to visit, but 6% sales tax argh!

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Date Posted: July 11th, 2015, 1:34 pm

Author Notes

Yooo Sorry about it being late, I was on Vacation in Idaho visiting some family up there. First road trip out of good ol' Oregon. Hwy 20 between bend and Juntura is killer though. SO STRAIGHT and long *heavy sigh* but we managed. :) Here's the page! Enjoy!


Cue slow motion run!
yeah the tax is annoying but at least we can pump our own gas and the interstate goes faster that 50 mph
@Kaladin: oregon's speed limit is less because of where most of the roads are located. We have lots of twisty, windy roads on the more populated west side and our weather is pretty rainy and extreme at times. I dont mind having my gas pumped for me, just means a job for someone else.