Moonlight Apparition
Wow Jason, way to stay on the positive train.

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

3 - 7

Date Posted: March 18th, 2015, 4:01 am

Author Notes

AND HERE'S THE NEXT PAGE! The tones on this page were much better. Oh, check out the Facebook page!

Trying to get it up to 100 likes! I don't feel bothered to do much with it since like... not a lot of people follow it, but if there were a following I'd be more incline to share stuff on there like WIP things, illustrations, maybe even go for gag comics between characters :) Also, please please PLEASE leave comments! On here or even on the facebook page :) I love hearing the feedback. I appreciate it! It helps me stay motivated to keep working on this. Thanks a bunch!


Oh, a person. Use caution, Jason! People are the scariest things on the planet! People are capable of some twisted stuff!
@CrowWingedAngel: Yeah, and this kid is already acting kind of suspicious.
i thought that was Robbie at first
@Bark295: Haha, nope, Robbie doesn't appear in this chapter.
@Darkhalo4321: Robbie doesn't have freckles dose he?
@Bark295: Nope. He has blond hair and blue eyes and no freckles. Lark is a red head with freckles. Well more like a strawberry blond with freckles and orange eyes.
@Darkhalo4321: oh thats the boy's name?
@Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu: Oooooooh? Is it now? :P
Just found this comic,its really interesting so far can't wait to read more
@vashyronblackthorn: Oh! thanks so much :) Glad you are enjoying the comic!
tretinoin chemotherapy dakbffeegdee
that looks like me in the mornings.
Horror movie Name's Jason walking through wood
Me: where's your hocky Mask and knife