Moonlight Apparition
Tip toe 
through the tulips
By the window-

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

3 - 6

Date Posted: March 13th, 2015, 12:29 pm

Author Notes
Heyy go like the facebook page! :D I work semi hard to keep that page update if I can't get an update out on time.

Sorry this took so long. Trees amirite?
In all seriousness, the trees were difficult to tone and there's a lot of background stuff I cheated on to make this on time. I had a really busy day Wednesday and on Thursday I worked all day and someone messed up my hood on my car while I Was at work, but the update is here! Hopefully I can get the next page out on time.


Jason, don't you know better than wondering through spooky places... at night... alone...
@CrowWingedAngel: Nope. He's comfortable in his own back yard I guess haha
Nice nighttime scenery~~
Is he seriously going in there wth o.o
@M-24: yup. He's a bit crazy I suppose. Wonder how far he'll go in though haha.
finally a update, almost died of withdrawal :D
@Erse: Sorry! Had a lot going on. So much so we forgot to do church cleaning this week. I feel so bad because we signed up and I spaced it. orzzzz