Moonlight Apparition
That awkward moment when...

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

2- 27

Date Posted: December 17th, 2014, 7:02 pm

Author Notes

Page is up! :D I should have a page next week but it might be early or late depending on how the week goes. Got a lot going on with it being Christmas.


YEAH! Keep it up Jason, get some ACTUAL training done!
Super nice~
Also, I keep skipping over text near the bottom or bottom-left of the page like "I can keep going" on this page.
Maybe make them a bit more defined? But perhaps my reading is too fast trying to get to the next page to see what happens next xvx ;;
Still, super nice page like whoa *v*
@Fascher: Thanks for the input :) I appreciate it a lot.