Moonlight Apparition
Ah, but a trained body is stronger than a lazy bum that spent five years doing no training.

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2- 25

Date Posted: December 3rd, 2014, 9:37 pm

Author Notes

Color! because I love you guys. :)


@SpazztastiKim: Jason thinks he's going to win this but he's in for a surprise.
Jason does look like he could win, but with how his past memories are he might mess up or Toby will win somehow
@sakiq: That and his body has not been training for the past few years so there's that issue.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but that sigil there looks new...

Actually, I used it before but forgot about it for another scene, which I'll add in later, so I remembered to use it for this scene :)
And another memory brick gone!
I still think Toby is going to win.
I love thissss *0*
They hit each other so hard the page bursted into color how has no one commented about this