Moonlight Apparition
D- D- DR- DR- DROP THE BASS! *begins flopping on ground like a fish*

Aradia: A Magical Girls Comic Collective

2- 24

Date Posted: November 26th, 2014, 1:39 pm

Author Notes

This page took a bit longer than I wanted but I got the stuff looking right. I need to work on my paneling a bit more with these action scenes but I'll have plenty of time to figure out what works best for future pages! Happy Thanksgiving American people! And for non American's Happy Thursday?


I'm really liking how much more developed Toby and Jason's relationship is. At least, much more stronger than I remember.
So Jason, are you going to pwn him again? So excited to read more.

And Happy (two days late) T-day to you too.
I love Jason's face in the 4th panel
@BananaUhl: Thank you :) I had a lot of fun drawing this page
Jason's shocked face in panel four x'D I am really enjoying this so far and GUH your clothes folds are so good.