Moonlight Apparition
Jason has a grr face everyone, and Jared is gorgeous, How'd I do that?

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2- 14

Date Posted: October 15th, 2014, 5:19 pm

Author Notes

I have no idea how I made Jared so adorable but I blame Heide for this.

My sister was in a car accident last week and I've opened up sketch commissions to help raise funds to get her car fixed since it doesn't look like the insurance will because she was cited at fault. So check out my tumblr for information and to send me a note if you're interested!


@Darkhalo4321: Jason: protect mode: Activate! Jason, no.
His name is Jason James?! I have a character by that name! Sure hope your character does justice to the name ^^
@Trus: N no no! Jared is reminding him of a verse to keep him in check. His last name is actually LeVasseur.
I love how Jason's face is all like, 'You have activated Death Moon Mode. Prepare to be scythed.'