Moonlight Apparition

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2- 10

Date Posted: September 20th, 2014, 2:12 pm

Author Notes

In where we move onto the start of the next school week where Jason whines about things. I hate drawing desks, so if I take more time with these updates it's because of that.


:P Yeah, desks are not the nicest things to draw, but somehow they end up being needed to be drawn quite often ^^; Good luck with that!

Besides that, "I'll train you to an early grave" does sound somehow worrysome... ^^;
Oh wow. A total revamp of the comic. I remember it being on a huge hiatus and kept it bookmarked hoping that it wouldn't become a dead comic. Totally was not expecting this!
And I still like it!
@Unmei: Oh I'm glad you came back to read it again then :) I should hit on some familiar scenes here soonish then :D ones with Terrance