Moonlight Apparition

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2- 9

Date Posted: September 13th, 2014, 5:17 pm

Author Notes

Here's an extra update. :) I haven't been feeling 100 % the last few days but I managed to get this drawn up to make up for my lack of updates. BTW I absolutely hate drawing backgrounds.


I can TOTALLY understand your feelings about backgrounds (You did very well here, though :) ). Surprisingly, I still managed to draw all those resnted backgrounds in the work we had to do for school today, and finished second in my class, even though I was absent from school for the past two weeks... and the prof didn't even have anything to nag about O.O Now I'm left wondering what to do in that class with the last two weeks until the end of the semester... ^^;

That page is, again, telling so much about family bagrounds and pasts and memories and stuff like that, which automatically makes it really interesting. On top of that, I totally love how you did Ker's skin structure, it looks so great.

Oh, and I'm sorry to hear you're not feeing 100 % at the moment... hope you'll gain your energy back soon!! :)
Oooooo I smell some juicy backstory here. I'm loving the dynamic being set up between Ker and Jason's dad, and I can't wait to see more of it.
"Have you manage to tell him the truth" I do believe you are missing a d at the end of 'challenge' there.
@dracone: my sister corrects my errors for me all the time,and i assure you, when i ever go to print we will go through and fix any errors i deem needing correction. Some errors are intentional as, humans speak rather odd or incorrect at times. :) i know i make errors, so hopefully you're enjoying the story despite them.
@Darkhalo4321: I do