Moonlight Apparition
The page where Jason remembers a thing and Toby is over excited about it because...reasons

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2- 8

Date Posted: September 10th, 2014, 5:47 pm

Author Notes

Sorry for the wait! Had to finish a world map for a friend as well as adjust an animation for another friend and we rearranged our house to make a room for my nephew because it looks like the niblings are staying for a while, and I went to the coast on Thursday and worked a lot... Anywho Enjoy page 10 :D


Huh wow, that sounds like you have a very eventful ife lately O.O (A world crad?! Oh how incredibly COOL!! I think I'll have to do that some time in the future - some time when I don't need to finish a dozen things for school in a handful of days while dealing with my private life besides that :/ ). Don't overwork yourself with all those little projects, your niblings (They're staying for a while? Everything okay? Just for the fun of it...?), work and all that. Amazing that in between it all you still find the time for new comic pages in between... Thanks for that, by the way.

The page is a very nice one and it looks like memories are coming back to Jason, yaaaaaay!! :D That is very nice. I think Toby will be very happy about that, as well. Although it's a sad memory, and laughing like that really isn't appropriate for that moment!!!