Pg break Transitions

posted 20 Oct 2016 02:14 pm

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I'm all like "i have an update" but I'm trash because it's just the page break and I'm too lazy to slap words on the finished next page and upload that. ITS JUST ROBBIE TALKING ABOUT DECORATING A FLOAT FOR HOMECOMING

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20 Oct 2016 02:17 pm



Sorry it's not a page, I've been a bit overwhelmed with inktober and so many other things happening this month so my page making has slowed a bit, that and I hit a bit of art block for the next page which delayed me working on it. I worked on everything BUT it. OH WELL hahaha *sobs*

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26 Oct 2016 08:17 am



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20 Oct 2016 09:48 pm



omg GORGEOUS page
I love the way you color <3
(and, again, the lighting~)

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