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Jason LeVasseur

Moonlight Apparition
Age: 15
A good kid who wears his heart on his sleeve. Tries too hard to help others and exhausts himself.
Apparently has magical powers.
Suffers from nightmares. Is afraid of math and (when he was smaller) the dark.

Lark Meadows

Sunlight Apparition
Age: 16
Disgruntled, has a chip on his shoulder, very passive aggressive about his agendas but also very uninformative about them as well. It's hard to grasp his motives, given how vague he's been.
Probably needs a hug.

LeVasseur Family

Antonio LeVasseur

Restaurant Owner
Age: 38
A chef and retired Hunter. Would win dad of the year every year.
Does not like people on his lawn.
Is actually very easy to talk to and get along with, as long as you don't start barking in his face.

Annette, Russ, and Maddie

Ages: 20, 25, and 2
Annette is Jason's older sister. She aims to be doctor one day. She's married to Russ and the mother of the glorious Maddie.
Russ is very quiet and reserved, which is the opposite of Annette who has no problem putting you in your place when you're out of line.
Maddie is too cute for her own good, and knows it.


Ker "Rogers"

Hunter / Teacher
Age: 33
Acts very grumpy, but deep down, he actually is very concerned, all the time. Has very little chill about things, but is insanely good at magic use. Could benefit from thinking about how to phrase things before speaking them. Afraid of angering Antonio.


Age: 30
Is a calm and level headed person. Is easily flustered on certain topics. She has her hands full with dealing with Crow and Sophie. She's very good at negotiating.


Age: 27
IMPULSIVE. Acts before he can think and is constantly getting into trouble as a result.
That's it. That's all there is to Crow.


Age: 27
Snarky, has no problem laughing at things she finds hilarious. Likes to tease people she cares about. Doesn't like to be alone.


Age: ???
He does some sort of work for the Hunters.
So far he's not very nice. He would probably cheat at Poker and rob you blind.
Probably best to stay away. Knows things and isn't afraid to drag you through the mud with what he knows.

Classmates & Friends

Toby Johnson

Best Friend
Age: 15
Snarky, doesn't like being touched by just anyone. Loves drawing and playing video games.
Extremely loyal to close friends, but takes forever to warm up to new people.
Is extremely afraid of thunderstorms.

Robbie Foster

Age: 16
Has a knack for sweet talking, and flirting, loves to love, but is afraid to trust others too much. He's a reckless child and needs to be bubblewrapped.

Melodie Shivers

The "Quiet" One
Age: 15
Isn't super quiet, but compared to Cathy and Robbie, seems to be. Loves ballet, and dancing in general.
Rather calm and level headed, but is very insecure about herself and her looks.

Cathy Harlow

Age: 15
Optimistic, loves with everything she has, and more but Is afraid of being backstabbed by her friends. Only trusts a select few people in her inner circle.

Jared Taylor

Bus Boy
Age: 15
Doesn't remember his work schedule. A giant softie, despite being on the football team. Has a twin sister. He's known Jason since elementary school.

Stephanie Taylor

Age: 15
Currently hangs out with a rude crowd, and appears to be unsure about it.
Electrifying. Most likely to deal with static shocks.

Terrance Wilds

Class President
Age: 15
Over achiever. Wants his classmates to be successful, and knows ways to achieve his goals.
Aspires to be a politician one day, but probably shouldn't ask people like Robbie for help behind the scenes.

Restaurant Crew

Ashlynn Neave

Age: 29
Reliable, hard working, and expects the top job at all times. Will fight you for Main dishes and is not afraid to remind her boss that food costs are a thing.
Her personal life is a mystery to everyone except for Antonio.

Cass Daniels

Age: 48
Self proclaimed restaurant mom.
She's a lil' old fashioned, knows everything going on but doesn't tell anyone, has been at the restaurant since it opened. Gives great life advice when you're feeling sad.

Samuel Nace

Assistant Manager
Age: 29
Very social, good attitude, works hard. A bit of a prankster and likes to tease his crew members.
Started a betting pool with the crew to guess who Antonio has a crush on.

Samantha Woods

Age: 32
Shy and compassionate. Knows Jason's favorite foods for when he gets in trouble.

Luis Galvez

Age: 42
Loving husband and parent of two. Mostly keeps to himself, but works with pride.

Jun Nishioka

Age: 35
Fairly reserved, has a son named Kevin.

Tammy Deshmukh

Age: 17
Friendly. Loves talking to people.