One day while Jason and his friends Toby and Robbie go adventuring in his backyard they find a strange structure that, unknown to them, hides a powerful monster! As they explore the place an accidental release of the monster reveals a hidden power inside Jason who is then able to stop the creature. This encounter leads Jason to learning about the Hunters, a secret group that is responsible for keeping peace between the Humans and Esmephates, a hidden race of humans able to use limited magic. However, Jason isn't so keen on becoming part of the Hunters, as he discovers he's an Apparition, a very rare type of Hunter. As Jason struggles to understand his powers, he encounters another child that can help him learn his powers, the only catch is this person is wanted by the Hunters! Will Jason throw caution to the wind, or will he play it safe?

I promise I'll rework that up there.... maybe... I'll forget, just watch.

I started this comic many years ago, it has many elements of things I learned just going through life and I hope I can convey this story in a way that can inspire others around them to make a difference in the things they see.