Moonlight Apparition

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When Jason and his friends, Toby and Robbie, decide to find an old well on Jason's property they are taken surprise by the strange building left behind as well as the crescent moon and cross etched on the boards sealing the long abandoned well. However, things take a nasty turn as Jason falls inside, and his friends are attacked by a creature known as a Shade! Will they escape alive? What happened to Jason? And who is the mysterious man that comes to the aid of Robbie and Toby?


June 20th, 2017, 3:10 am


Some Edits are Heading your Way!

So, I realized that the direction I'm taking my story now is a bit different from when I started this three years ago, for the fourth time, which means I need to fix the consistency errors that will arise before I update.
The good news is I'm almost done with that. I had to do a few costume changes, a few expression changes, and some fixed art as well as changing out lots and lots of dialogue. I'm contemplating adding more pages to chapter 2 to flesh out some character interactions, but it wouldn't take me long to do. I am excited for the direction the story is heading and I can't wait to get back to some action. I also need ideas for Terraphate like animals? I am bad with coming up with creatures of mythical style and proportions so if you all wanted to chip in some ideas, let me know! :) Thanks for understanding and I'll let you know when the updates are done!


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