Moonlight Apparition

Moonlight Apparition

When Jason and his friends, Toby and Robbie, decide to go exploring on Jason's property they are taken surprise by the strange building they find. As they explore inside they discover a strange mark left behind on some boards covering up what they thought was an abandoned well. However, things take a nasty turn as Jason falls inside, and his friends are attacked by a creature known as a Shade! Just when all hope seems lost, a mysterious man shows up and helps them out, but not soon enough to prevent the dormant powers from awakening within Jason.
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So. Wildfires. . . Hiatus?
July 29th, 2019, 12:58 am

I survive a crash, (which now i have to buy a new car since they totaled my other one,) only to now be in a level 1 (get packed) evacuation for a wildfire that has erupted just miles from my house.

the milepost 97 fire, you can google that, is at 11,000 ish acres, over terrible terrain. They feel pretty hopeful for a lot of the lines they have made, but it's still a long battle ahead.

My daily commute to work is filled with smoke, and fire alongside the freeway, and it's pretty nerve wracking.

I also have one week to find a new car because the insurance company will stop paying for my rental on friday.

so, you might be asking yourself,why are you telling us all this?
Well, i haven't had any time to work on my buffer. In fact... its ran out. I have no idea if i will have time to work on it. So i am going on a small hiatus for august because... yeah... it has been so smoky and literal ash and dried dead leaves and pine needles have been falling from the sky and it has my whole family on edge.

for patrons, i am SO sorry for my inconsistencies this year. I did not plan to get promoted and overwhelmed at work, nor planned on a car crash happening, nor planned on wildfires near my home. I will do my best to release updates of any progress i make. I encourage you to hop on discord as it's easier for me to make quick posts there.

thank you all for understanding. ;u; life has been very hard in a matter of just one week.